CE Certified Chemical Resistant Flammable Safety Cabinet Fire
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CE Certified Chemical Resistant Flammable Safety Cabinet Fire

CE Certified Chemical Resistant Flammable Safety Cabinet Fire

Overview Package Size 2000.00cm * 900.00cm * 1200.00cm Package Gross Weight 150.000kg Product Description Flammable chem
Basic Info.
Model NO. APL-G110
Usage White, Company, Hospital, Industrial, School, Laboratory, Institution
Application Hospital, School, Warehouse, Factory, Laboratory
Certification CE, En, Nfpa, Osha.etc
Capacity 4/12/22/30/45/60/90/110 Gallon
Adjustable Shelf Anti-Overflow Shelves
Structure Double-Walled Steel
Packing Foam + Carton Packing + Pallet
Material Type Cold Rolling Steel, Cold Rolled Steel
Product Name Flammable Cabinet
Transport Package Polyfoam Inner Lining with Multi Layer Carton Box
Specification H1650*W1090*D860mm
Trademark Ample
Origin Chengdu, China
HS Code 9403200000
Production Capacity 25000 Unit/Units Per Year
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 2000.00cm * 900.00cm * 1200.00cm Package Gross Weight 150.000kg
Product Description
Product Description

Flammable chemical safety cabinets are designed specifically for safely storing chemicals indoors. They provide heat resistance to protect from devastating fires. They are often located near point-of-use, which is convenient for workers.
Flammable liquids are extremely useful in our modern society, however their dangerous chemical and physical properties also pose a number of risks upon people, property and the environment of your organisation. Flammable liquids are liquids that give off flammable vapours at temperatures below 60 °C. If these flammable vapours come into contact with an ignition source, they will ignite and cause a severe fire. Also, large quantities of flammable vapours in the workplace can cause people to asphyxiate and pass out.
Yet, most companies adhere to industry best practices and observe certain colors for defined liquids. Proper chemical storage includes using the following colors:
▪Yellow: Flammable chemicals and liquids
▪Red: Paints, inks and other combustible liquids
▪Blue: Corrosive and hazardous liquids and solids
▪Green: Pesticides and insecticides
▪Silver / Neutral: Laboratory cabinets
▪White / Beige / Gray: Waste or outdoor lockersThe basics of safely storing flammable substances are simple: keep them separated from the rest of the shop, and as far away from possible sources of ignition as possible. Most of all, keep them isolated, and away from the rest of the workshop.
This need has bred the emergence of the flammable safety cabinet. These cabinets serve as a storage spot for your flammable liquids and substances, keeping your workplace safe from any incidents that could expose these substances to direct flames or accidental spillage. By putting them away in their own container, you have provided protection from the vagaries of human error and pure chance.
Our flammable cabinets can withstand every assault. The double-wall welded construction provides ample separation outside elements, while a built-in sump ensure there is no leakage from the unit. The dual vents utilise flash arresters to keep the space safe, and they come fire tested. Regardless of the conditions outside, your chemicals are safe inside.
Featuring attractive powder-coat electrostatic finishes, adjustable shelves and levelling feet, safety cabinets from us can withstand the toughest chemical spills inside without breaking a sweat. Available in a wide variety of sizes and formats, their doors are self-locking and secure, and they stand ready to benefit your workplace.

Product Parameters

Safety flammable cabinets are a staple if you are storing dangerous liquids in remote or high occupancy sites. They identify and warn of flammable contents, and keep them safely organized and separated from other objects.
Flammable cabinets are used to protect flammable contents for a certain amount of time during fire conditions. This allows for extra time for evacuation and gives emergency responders more time to control the fire before it gets to the dangerous material. There are many safety features like automatic closing doors, ventilation systems, and pumps to funnel spills so that the contents stay dry. These cabinets also help increase efficiency, since you can store the hazardous materials where they will be used, and you are able to store higher quantities of flammable and combustible liquids in certain areas.
Common Applications to Use Safety Cabinets
▪ Cruise ships
▪ Off shore drilling sites
▪ High rise buildings
▪ Remote agricultural and production facilities
▪ Laboratories and research facilities
▪ Universities and hospital complexes
▪ Sports arenas
▪ Theme parks
▪ Mall

NameModelNumber of doors and styleShelfCapacityExt. Dimension H*W*D/MM
APL00041 door, manual14Gal/15L560*430*430
APL00121 door, manual112Gal/45L590*590*460
APL00221 door, manual222Gal/83L1650*590*460
Flammable CabinetAPL00302 door, manual130Gal/114L1120*1090*460
APL00452 door, manual245Gal/170L1650*1090*460
APL00602 door, manual260Gal/227L1650*860*860
APL00902 door, manual290Gal/340L1650*1090*860
APL01102 door, manual2110Gal/410L1650*1500*860
Detailed Photos

CE Certified Chemical Resistant Flammable Safety Cabinet Fire-Proof Storage Cabinet for Laboratory

CE Certified Chemical Resistant Flammable Safety Cabinet Fire-Proof Storage Cabinet for Laboratory

CE Certified Chemical Resistant Flammable Safety Cabinet Fire-Proof Storage Cabinet for Laboratory

CE Certified Chemical Resistant Flammable Safety Cabinet Fire-Proof Storage Cabinet for Laboratory

CE Certified Chemical Resistant Flammable Safety Cabinet Fire-Proof Storage Cabinet for Laboratory

CertificationsOur Advantages

1. Flammable safety cabinets are key to preventing accidents.
The best way to prevent accidents in a classroom laboratory is to keep chemicals organized, secure and safe in storage-and the best way to do that is by using flammable safety cabinets. From accidental spills to leaks and breakage, there's no limit to the safety problems that can be caused by improperly stored chemicals, so get ahead of the game and keep them stored correctly.
2. Flammable safety cabinets help keep chemicals organized and in the correct place.
Organization is a key part of any safety strategy for storing flammable chemicals. Using a proper flammable safety cabinet:
Helps keep incompatible chemicals from being stored together.
Allows for the creation of a consistent storage system where everything has its proper place and all hazardous materials are labeled as such. Makes it more difficult to grab the wrong chemical by accident.
3. Flammable safety cabinets help prevent chemical leaks from damaging property or causing injury.
When chemicals leak while in storage, it can create big problems for everyone involved. Chemical leaks can damage facilities or cause severe accidents if they go unnoticed and unaddressed. Our flammable safety cabinets are designed to safely collect leaks in an included sump in the bottom of the cabinet that gathers drips for easy disposal. (Owners of these safety cabinets should make sure to check the sumps periodically to clean out anything that's accumulated and verify the integrity of containers.
4. In an emergency scenario, flammable safety cabinets can help prevent explosions.
One of the most critical safety reasons for storing flammable chemicals in safety cabinets is that many chemicals can cause explosions in scenarios (such as a fire) in which they're exposed to high heat. Under these circumstances, a flammable safety cabinet can help contain the explosion and minimize its damage. Our cabinets accomplish this with a fusible link built into the latch system that melts upon reaching 165 degrees Fahrenheit, automatically shutting and sealing the door.

Production ProcessFAQ

What Is a Flammable Cabinet?
A flammable cabinet is designed to safely store potentially flammable or combustible liquids. Instead of storing such hazardous materials on an exposed shelf, a flammable cabinet allows you to store flammable or combustible liquids in a container that is designed to prevent fires and smother flames.
What Is a Flammable Liquid?
Any liquid having a flashpoint at or below 199.4ºF and having a boiling point at or below 95ºF. These flammable liquids are then divided into four categories based on different ranges of flashpoints and boiling points. A liquid's flashpoint reflects its volatility (ability to generate vapor) and is necessary to know in cases where the vapor of the liquid, not the liquid itself, may burn and cause a fire.
What Goes in a Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet?
Any flammable or combustible liquid should be stored in a flammable liquid storage cabinet. Common flammable liquids include:
Flammable cabinets should not be placed in such a way that limits or prevents people from using exits, stairs, walkways, or doors. Certain categories of flammable liquids may not be allowed to be stored in basements.
Many people choose to place their flammable cabinets under fume hoods. This makes it more convenient to use flammable or combustible liquids in a laboratory setting.
It's important to note that improper venting of a flammable cabinet can result in a fire hazard. Flammable cabinets must be able to seal completely in order to smother a fire in case of emergency. Improper venting can allow oxygen to continue to enter the cabinet and feed the flames.
All flammable cabinets must be conspicuously labeled, "FLAMMABLE - KEEP FIRE AWAY."
Do I Need a Flammable Cabinet?
Generally speaking, you need to have a flammable cabinet or other method of flammable storage if you are using and storing flammable liquids. Industries that commonly use flammable cabinets include:
Medical research labs
Production facilities
Educational labs
Does Paint Need to Be Stored in a Flammable Cabinet?
Paint only needs to be stored in a flammable cabinet if you are storing more than 25 gallons.
Can Flammables and Combustibles Be Stored Together?
In most cases, yes. Flammables and combustibles can be stored together as long as no more than 120 gallons are stored in the same flammable cabinet.
What Shouldn't You Put in a Flammable Cabinet?
You should only put flammable or combustible liquids in a flammable safety cabinet. Other hazardous materials, such as acids, bases, or corrosive liquids, should be stored in acid and corrosive storage cabinets or other types of storage units, not flammable cabinets. You should also avoid storing materials in a flammable cabinet that may ignite or feed a fire.

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