Snap Canna launching flagship cannabis dispensary in Elk Grove Village
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Snap Canna launching flagship cannabis dispensary in Elk Grove Village

Jul 01, 2023

August Grand Opening event offers free joints, free food and exclusive vendor promos

Submitted by Sophia Nelson

Something dope is dropping soon...

This August, Snap Canna--the new destination for north Chicago suburb cannabis enthusiasts-- is set to open its flagship location in Elk Grove Village. Located at 840 E. Higgins Road in Elk Grove Village, the forthcoming dispensary is conveniently located across from the Elk Grove Technology Park and just six miles from O'Hare Airport, providing easy access to cannabis users both local to and visiting Chicago.

A Grand Opening event is anticipated for mid-August, where the first 100 customers will score a free joint a week, for an entire year. The celebration also promises attendees complimentary food from Shaquille O'Neal-owned Big Chicken, exclusive swag and good vibes. Setting the stage for a remarkably seamless and innovative cannabis experience, guests are welcome to shop the dispensary, meet the Snap Canna team of expert budtenders and take advantage of top-tier vendor promotions.

Literally delivering "cannabis in a Snap," Snap Canna will specialize in providing the most hi-tech, fast, and friendly customer experience in the market. Once open, dispensary customers can enjoy the convenience of a robust online ordering platform to quickly place orders and pay securely with Debit or Credit cards -- a rarity in the cannabis industry. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Snap Canna visitors will find free, ample parking to facilitate getting in and out in under five minutes. For newcomers to the cannabis experience, Snap Canna's dedicated budtenders are ready to walk you through the interactive shop floor, showcasing various premium flowers, edibles and concentrates. The dispensary also offers interactive experiences with a Concentrate Wall and Terpene Bar where customers can smell the six primary terpenes including Pinene, Linalool, Caryophyllene, Myracene, Limonene and Terpinolene and learn about the remarkable health benefits terpenes offer.

Founded on the belief that everyone deserves a second chance, Snap Canna is proud to partner with Saved My Life (, providing the community with free and accessible Narcan (Naloxone) in areas where people live, work and play. The Elk Grove Village dispensary will have discrete vending cabinets in and outside the facility where anyone can get lifesaving Narcan for those at risk of an opioid overdose. With business and neighborhood leaders working in tandem, the organizations' ultimate goal is to support Elk Grove Cares and provide free, discrete Narcan vending cabinets throughout Illinois dispensaries, convenience stores, bars, restaurants and hotels.

"As someone who has been in the Illinois cannabis industry for over a decade, it was important for us to design Snap Canna differently," said COO Tanya Griffin, longtime cannabis industry expert with 33 years of business development experience. "Whether someone is using cannabis for its medical benefits or recreationally, we want our customers' experience to be transformative-- fun and without the hassle. It's also extremely critical for us to de-stigmatize people that are struggling with addiction. We have all lost people we know and love, and our free Narcan vending cabinets offer a second chance for individuals and their loved ones at risk of an opioid overdose."

Later this summer, Snap Canna will open its second location in Pontiac, Ill. Located at 1910 W. Reynolds St., the dispensary will be opportunely located within the Shell Gas Station building across the street from the I-55 Wally's Travel Center. A must-stop destination for travelers and road trip vacationers, the forthcoming Snap Canna location will be designed for quick and convenient cannabis pick-up.

"At Snap Canna, we're truly changing the game and making cannabis more convenient, enjoyable and accessible to all," added VP of Operations Andrew Cordes who brings a decade of experience managing Illinois medical and recreational dispensaries. "The future of cannabis is now, and we're disrupting the industry with premier service and lightning-fast payment options, making transactions smoother than ever before. Plus, our dispensary is more than just a place to purchase cannabis; it'll be a hub for education, community engagement and responsible use."

To learn more about Snap Canna of Elk Grove Village, visit or find the company's Instagram at @snapcanna.

About Snap Canna

The Snap Canna team entered the Illinois cannabis industry with a focus on serving a community in need of improved access to cannabis. Obtaining and operating medical cannabis dispensary licenses allowed the team to gain vital experience in both medical and adult use operations, leading to winning the next round of dispensary licenses and the decision to open Snap Canna locations in Elk Grove Village and Pontiac, Illinois. Collectively, Tanya Griffin, Andrew Cordes, and the Snap Canna team bring decades of expertise in cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and dispensary operations. A dispensary disrupter, Snap Canna provides cannabis users a hi-tech, fast and frictionless customer experience that includes knowledgeable budtenders, online ordering and debit or credit card payment options.