Embrace the future of relaxation: Introducing electric recliner sofas by Ikaigai
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Embrace the future of relaxation: Introducing electric recliner sofas by Ikaigai

Jun 11, 2023

It’s here you plop down after a tired day at work. It’s here you find yourself glued on Sundays. It’s here you’ve probably experienced the most rejuvenating afternoon slumber. Yes, sofas are more than just a piece of furniture. They’re the epitome of comfort. Give yours an innovative upgrade to elevate comfort quotient at home, indulge in pure relaxation, and unwind in style.

Say hello to new-age electric reclining sofas by Ikaigai, a contemporary brand pioneering futuristic furniture.

Harnessing the technological progress in the furniture sector, Ikaigai’s new sofa collection exemplifies ‘technology meets comfort.’ The collection – that including Romeo Relax, Condor Relax, Nicolas, Regal-e, and Hip Hop – boast advanced features and cutting-edge functionalities like touchpad armrests, improved fabric, enhanced backrest, ultraslim footrest, and integrated electrical systems, enhancing your home relaxation experience.

The sophisticated sofa models feature convertible seats, activated by electric mechanism, enabling various actions for the seated person like raising the footrest and lowering the backrest. The modernized sofas can assume your ideal position for relaxation, reading, gaming, or cinematic viewing.

The bestseller – the Hip Hop – sofa, catches eyes not only because of its design and incredible comfort but also because it features recliner modules available with an electrical mechanism operated by a touchpad positioned on the side of the seat.

Discover unparalleled comfort with Ikaigai’s ‘Romeo Relax.’ Its fully motorized recliner system, controlled by a touchpad in the armrest, makes it an excellent investment for working professionals. Relish soothing back, leg, and head support, providing much-needed relief after a long day at work.

Ikaigai’s contemporary masterpiece – Condor Relax – boasts an impressive sequential mechanism that effortlessly raises the backrest upwards and extends the foot forward, offering an ultimate relaxation position.

Experience velvet-like softness as you relax in the ‘Nicolas’ recliner, extending the seat by 40 centimeters, creating a true chaise-longue feel.

Make a majestic statement with the ‘Regal_e’ sofa that effortlessly combines the comfort of a liftable backrest with the functionality of an electrical mechanism that lifts an ultraslim footrest. The model’s sinuous contours will certainly lend a touch of grandeur to your private sanctuary.

Embrace the future of relaxation with Ikaigai’s transformational electric recliner sofas. Book an appointment today at Ikaigai’s Mumbai store to experience comfort, relaxation and luxury. For more information, click here.