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Hearts unite at Harmony Day Support

Aug 14, 2023

By Alice Prival

Altavista Journal News Correspondent

For the past five years Andy Coleman has put his heart and soul into the development of Harmony Day Support, founded in 2006 with 22 individuals. Now that number has grown to 140 and counting!

“We currently serve individuals from Bedford, Lynchburg, Campbell County, Pittsylvania County, Appomattox, Amherst, and as far as Farmville,” Coleman informs, “The disabled population is the most underserved population in our society.”

This thought is staggering considering these individuals are limited by no fault of their own. Coleman continues, “As these individuals age out, where do they go?” He shares plans in the works, “We are in the finalization of getting signed off to add an extension to our existing building of 15,000 more square feet! This addition will then be able to serve 250 individuals. The program with the added space will offer job training, academic services, social skills, and a gymnasium for fitness. The extension on the building is scheduled to start construction late October or early November. Upon completion of the extension we will start construction on five houses that will provide not only community day services, but community living.” Coleman states the houses are planned to begin construction next summer, 2024. He has plans to visit Indianapolis, the biggest capital of Autism in the country to adopt ideas for Harmony Day, such as sensory rooms, work stations, build and sell, and food packaging, so that individuals here will have every opportunity there is to develop and enter the workforce should they so desire as well as progress to their capacity in all areas.

Coleman leaves no stone unturned and is surely demonstrating in his outreach efforts to provide for the community of the disabled. Coleman addresses the activities at Harmony Day, “We go out in the community every single day! We have buses, and a really good staff.” He reflects on his individuals, “We have seen great progress! We give them the opportunities to learn. Things that will transfer into the workplace if they choose to.”

Coleman expresses excitement over the upcoming houses. “There will be employees in the houses to take them to work and back and teach them to take care of the house.”

Coleman explains the set up for the houses. Individuals that are capable and want to work will house together, and those with more supervised needs would share housing. This way, individuals are able to communicate and build like-minded relationships with common goals. Most individuals are funded by Medicaid. As for the construction of added facilities and new programs, Harmony Day is in the process of raising $3,000,000 to cover costs.

Former employee Tim Thomas expresses gratitude and voices purpose in the great works of Harmony Day, “We are a non profit day support for individuals of all ages with intellectual challenges and provide services to enhance their lives and teach them skills of independence and preparing them for the work world and social dynamics. We do a lot of community engagements for new experiences and activities to build on their strengths and also allow them freedom to grow to the best of their abilities.”

Coleman has a versatile background adding to the enrichment of the program under constant development at Harmony Day. As a Professor at Liberty University for 13 years he taught in the academics as well as athletics. He also has a background in Criminal Justice and psychology, and Special Education. While his interests and employment provided diversity his heart called him back to Special Needs which is where he is today, living his ultimate calling.

Enough thanks cannot begin to be given to Coleman for his continual striving to add to the lives of those whose unrealized capacities are in wait of his inspiration every day!

For more information on this much needed and amazing organization of opportunity, call Andy Coleman to learn more, see more, and experience more!

Harmony Day Support

1173 London Links Drive

Forest, Virginia

(434) 582-4556

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