Foul ball hits 3
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Foul ball hits 3

Jun 10, 2024

A 3-week-old infant is recovering at home after a baseball hit her in the head and fractured her skull at a minor league game.

The infant's father, Hunt Prestwood, said he heard the warning,

"That's when I ducked," he said.

He tried to shield his 3-week-old daughter, Georgia, but the foul ball that went over the net surrounding the infield dropped right over his shoulder and bounced off the baby's head.

"[It was] the exact one spot it could have got between my body and to get to her," he said.

They ran for help.

"[It was] 45 seconds of running to the nurses station, but [it felt] like an eternity," said mother Courtney Prestwood.

Georgia was airlifted to a Winston-Salem hospital with a skull fracture and bleeding in her head. Her parents couldn't hold her for the first 24 hours.

They said doctors told them the skull fracture would likely heal itself, and Georgia was able to go home after four days in the hospital.

"I could sit and cry, and thank God that I actually get to hold her," her mother said. "It's definitely a blessing. We didn't think we were actually going to get to bring her home."

Doctors cautioned the parents their baby is still healing and the situation could change.

"In the back of your head, you're like please just stay the sweet little girl that we had before," Hunt Prestwood said.

They are thankful for prayers and support from the community.

"We'll continue to pray for those kids who don't get to come home," Courtney Prestwood said.

The Prestwoods said they don't blame the team for what happened. The team's manager plans to invite the family to another game later in the season.