5 best reclining gaming chairs to buy in 2023
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5 best reclining gaming chairs to buy in 2023

Jun 25, 2023

Written by

Dave McAdam


24th Aug 2023 14:50


Gaming chairs may seem like an odd necessity, but they can save your life, or at least your back - but a gaming chair that reclines? Well, that's just the cherry on top.

Proper ergonomic gaming chairs are an important part of gaming hardware, as it is arguably more important to look after yourself than to spend all your money on fancy graphics cards or monitors.

What's more, reclining gaming chairs are all the rage, especially for long gaming sessions in front of a big TV - so here are our picks for some of the best reclining gaming chairs on the market that you can buy in 2023.

There are a number of factors that go into choosing the best reclining gaming chairs, as there are different kinds of them suited for different purposes, ranging from those with cup holders to massage functionality - and that's without considering the aesthetic aspect.

Some reclining gaming chairs are better suited to a living room and TV setup, whereas some are more typical PC gaming chairs that include a reclining function.

As such, we have chosen options from across the various different types of chairs and different price ranges, ranging from budget to higher-end options to ensure there's something suited to your needs.

Gaming chairs, regardless of whether they recline can be very expensive, so finding one that does a lot of what the fancy chairs do for less money is a worthwhile option - and this chair from Soontrans is one of the best, giving you that gaming chair experience for a fraction of the cost.

This chair comes with a racing seat design, pillows for your head and your lower back, an extendable footrest, and a recline of up to 150 degrees. This is a substantial recline, and the included footrest will mean you can lie back without overstretching yourself.

As far as entry-level gaming chairs with a reclining back go, you find many with more features than the Soontrains gaming chair.

If you're looking for a reclining chair for the gamer kid in your life, the Amazon Basics Youth Gaming Recliner is the best choice for younger fans. It has the look of a leather armchair with more of a modern, gamer aesthetic that comes in multiple colours. Naturally, it also reclines and the bottom extends out as a footrest.

All of this comes at a very reasonable price, as you would expect from an Amazon Basics product. As we all know, kids grow quickly and you don't necessarily want to break the bank on something they will grow out of.

So if a kid in your life needs a proper chair to sit and play games on, the Amazon Basics Youth Gaming Recliner is an excellent option.

To split things down the middle in terms of price point, next up is the MoNiBloom Massage Gaming Recliner, a gaming chair with many features that make it one of the best options on this list.

This chair has the look of a typical gaming chair, albeit with a lower sitting position, a wider base and armrests, and the seat extends forward and down to create a footrest when extended.

The chair also includes cup holders, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and massage functionality. Yes, this reclining gaming chair also serves as a massage chair (as the name suggests), making it quite the package. The mid-range price is due to factors like how the chair is not made of leather, but for the price you pay, you will be gaming in the lap of luxury.

For a chair that fits both the gaming and office aesthetic, we have to recommend the Razer Enki. Razer is a big name in gaming peripherals, and the chairs live up to the brand's reputation. The Razer Enki is among the best gaming chairs on the market today, and naturally, it also reclines.

This high-end gaming chair does not come cheap, but it is the kind of chair that gamers need if they want to sit and play for hours and hours. Particularly for those of us getting a little older, a good chair with proper back support is important.

The Razer Enki features a lusciously padded seat with adjustable back support to dial it into your needs. Then, for those moments when you need a break, you can let the seat back and recline back to 150 degrees.

If you want the ultimate reclining comfort while gaming, the RESPAWN RSP-900 is the chair you need, and our pick for the best option in 2023. The RSP-900 lies somewhere between an office-style gaming chair and a big, comfy leather chair - it even looks a bit like something you'd see at a movie theatre!

The back of the chair is the typical racer-style gaming chair with a headrest pillow. The seat extends into the front to create a long footrest that raises and lowers. The wide armrests extend up from the seat, with a cup holder on the left side and pouches to hold controllers, snacks, and anything else.

The chair is made with real leather, and the footrest and recliner combine to make it one of the most comfortable chairs imaginable. There are very few ways to be more comfortable while gaming than sitting in a RESPAWN RSP-900.

So, that wraps up our list of the best reclining gaming chairs to buy in 2023. Make sure to check out our hardware homepage for all of the latest deals in other categories, as we've got so many for you to choose from.

across the various different types of chairs and different price rangesSoontransracing seat designextendable footrestrecline of up to 150 degreesAmazon Basics Youth Gaming Reclinerbottom extends out as a footrestMoNiBloom Massage Gaming Reclinercup holdersBluetoothspeakersmassage chairRazer Enkiback supportlusciously padded seatadjustable back supportrecline back to 150 degreesRESPAWN RSP-900racer-style gaming chairheadrest pillowlong footrest that raises and lowerscup holderpouchesreal leather